Flutter Roadmap 2021 and Flutter Engage Event

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Flutter Roadmap 2021

In Flutter Roadmap 2021, the Flutter team release their areas of focus for this year. I will single out the next important features of this roadmap:

Null safety

The Flutter team is close to achieving null-safety in Dart, which at this time is in beta version. Null safety is a language feature that adds an extra layer of protection against null-related errors, by enabling the compiler to detect instances where a null value may be produced and ensure handling.

Android and iOS

They are introducing dynamic assets. That means that you can get assets dynamically from the Internet, whenever you need them. This feature will reduce the size of apps dramatically and will provide better performance.

Web and Desktop

Improvements in web and desktop reflect in the goal to create production-ready applications for 6 platforms:

  • Web
  • Linux
  • Windows
  • MacOS
  • IOS
  • Android

New things

Even though their goal in 2020 were primarily focused on fixing bugs, in 2021 they plan to also add significant new features, plugins etc.

Check out the complete roadmap with a detailed explanation in the link below.

Flutter Engage — 03.03.21

Save the date for the Flutter Engage, the upcoming online Flutter event. If you sign up, on this day you can engage, innovate and collaborate with the global community. The event will be hosted on this website:


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